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How do you grapple in the smackdown vs raw 2008 demo?

How do you graple in the smackdown vs raw 2008 demo?

lol i cant figure it out! the controls are so diffrent and you cant change them lol so can someone help me out? and they dont have a tutorial

And yes the demo has came out you have to go to game stop and reserve the game and they will give you the demo for Xbox 360

How do you grapple in the smackdown vs raw 2008 demo?
I don't know but thanks a lot for mentioning on how to get the demo!!!

Edit: I got the demo today. You hold the Right Bumper button to do the strong grapple. It's similar to SvR 2007 in some ways. But, from what I've figured out, only the left and right strong grapples trigger the Ultimate Control moves. In the end, if you've play SvR 2007, it's almost the same in this game.

Does Judo depend on the Gi for takedowns?

I really like Judo, but I noticed that a lot of the takedowns are based on the Gi. I do NO Gi submission grappling( BJJ, JKD, Wrestling) and I have grappled some Judo guys. I noticed that they kept trying to use my shirt in there takedown attempts, but my shirt would just rip so I would end up taking them down with a double leg takedown. For some reason the single and double leg takedowns seem to present themselves against the Judo guys I grappled.

Personally I am starting to believe wrestling has the best takedowns for NO Gi grappling.

If you believe I am wrong please explain why? But lets keep the name calling out of it! Instead win me over by giving me valid points!

Does Judo depend on the Gi for takedowns?
I would agree that wrestling take downs are normally most effective and Judo relies heavily on the GI. However, when employing a wrestling take down against an opponent who is familiar with Judo/ Jiu Jitsu technique you need to avoid the choke; because it is often available to your opponent who you are trying to use the single or double leg take down against.
Reply:to the person above, if the person keeps their head in a correct position according to wrestling technique a choke is impossible, however many lower level people do not.

as to judo relying on the gi the best way I have heard it said is this "2/3 of judo takedowns can be performed without the gi, but you take away 3/4 of the ways to do them"

yes wrestling does have the best takedowns because, everything as far as takedowns in judo is legal in wrestling, they just don't work often, singles and doubles, while not usually flashy or cool looking(though some doubles are quite impressive) are much more relible, high percentage takedowns.
Reply:You really need to work on using the body grips if you want to use your judo throws. You can use the wrist like you were grabbing the sleeve of the gi. You can also brab the back of their head. I like to pummel and fit one of my arms under the arm pit around there back it gives me a feel similar to Gi.

I think you just need to practice alot. Look at Karo Parsian he always seems to win the takedowns.

Another thing without a Gi you need to be more conscious of level changes. The wrestlers will hit you every time if you stay high and they go low. In Judo it isn't as important because you can use the gi to stop there momentum more easily.
Reply:All the points are valid but a good judo guy should be able to adapt quickly to no gi.The throws use the same concepts of balance and execution, many have the same throwing 'shape' and that's 80% of the hard work. It's just a matter of learning the new grip, or lack of it :)
Reply:Some Judo takedowns do depend on the gi, but many can also be adapted relatively easily to a no-gi situation. For example, Koshi Gurama can be done using the gi, but the only adaptation needed to transistion to a no-gi situation is to grab the wrist of your opponent instead of the sleeve. Koshi Gurama uses a headlock in its basic form for the other hand and you can use the same grip in both a gi and a no-gi situation. Osoto Gari, Ippon seoi nage, and several others can be easily adapted to a no-gi situation.

It seems like the Judo guys you are facing in those grappling tournaments haven't put enough work into their no-gi training. It's not the style in this case, but the artist.

The Double Leg takedown is a valid Judo throw by the way. It is called Morote Gari, or Double Arm Reap.
Reply:First of all the gi is essential for Judo for both safety and to establish a non-lethal grip (as compared to Ju-jutsu which grabs the arms for the purpose of breaking). Ju-do is the humane form of Ju-jitsu.

Judo emphasizes 'throwing' (not take downs). There are real big differences between a wrestling take-down, and a Judo throw. One of the main reasons Judo is not wrestling or grappling. It really is a mistake to call Judo grappling or wrestling.

Trips, take-downs, knock-downs, and dashing down are really not Judo.

How do you grapple because i dont get the whole thing? what hooks it to the ring the a or the swinging?

Your question doesn't make any sense.

How do you grapple because i dont get the whole thing? what hooks it to the ring the a or the swinging?
This is an advanced style of wrestling.
Reply:That makes no sense.

Therefore the answer is Chuck Norris.
Reply:i do submission grappling it is alot of hard work you need to think how to go about things grappling isn't easy by far but it is like wrestling but a little faster paced
Reply:Another classic example of why some girls shouldnt be asking sports questions I agree with the guy above

the answer is CHuck Norris
Reply:I'm afraid you may have the wrong idea about what Grappling is. Grappelling uses your arms and legs to get your opponent into a complex system of holds or "joint locks" to effectively hold them.

Grappling is basicly wrestling, but not like "professional" Wrestling, ground fighting as it is sometimes also referred to is often based on submitting your opponent through positioning yourself so that you can apply the techniques that can hinder your opponent (if applied properly) causing them pain or discomfort which is often called pain compliance. often the pain can be so severe, it will cause the opponent to "tap out" which means they are submitting.

sometimes if they do not submit and continue to struggle against the technique, an injury can occur, such as broken bones, or dislocating joints in the body (such as the shouder)

these techniques can wear an opponent (if they happen to manage to get themselves out of the technique) down over a short period of time or even completely incompacitate them by knocking them unconscience.

techniques that can render an opponent unconscience are known as blood chokes which means you can use your arms and/or legs to wrap around the opponents neck cutting off the blood flow (via the carotid and perotid arteries, located on either side of the neck) to the head/brain area.

without fresh blood flow to the brain the body passes out. thus they are no longer able to defend themselves.

so grappling is fighting by using your body in a completely different manner than punching or kicking

How do you grapple on Tomb Raider Legend for the Xbox 360?

Better ask in the Games %26amp; Recreation section - %26gt; Video %26amp; Online Games

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How do you grapple an enemy in mortal kombat shaolin monks for PS2?

Im trying to do smoke mission 4 where you have to throw an enemy into the two purple portals and whenever i throw them they go the wrong direction so i need to find out how to throw them into the portals

How do you grapple an enemy in mortal kombat shaolin monks for PS2?
My cousin had that game , I think you press the circle button , and aim at the portal , if they go in the wrong direction , go up to the portal and throw em' in.
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When it comes to verga and grapple rain & snow that don't hit the ground is all grapple once verga?

what differentiates one from another and how can you tell if it never hits the ground?

When it comes to verga and grapple rain %26amp; snow that don't hit the ground is all grapple once verga?
If it's virga, it NEVER reaches the ground. It evaporates before reaching the ground. You can't always tell for sure that it didn't reach the ground, but if it looks like it's evaporating 8000 feet above the ground, it probably is. Or, maybe you can see it right over your head, and no raindrops are hitting the ground around you.

There's no connection, per se, between virga and grapple. The former describes the behavior of the precipitation, and the latter describes it's characteristics. Virga can be snowflakes, grapple or rain.

Bonus info!: Virga is good at creating microbursts.
Reply:Graupel can reach the ground:

Virga is precip of any type that evaporates before reaching the surface:

Grapple is nasty but they say that frpple is dasty rasty?

so whats what?

Grapple is nasty but they say that frpple is dasty rasty?
oh yeah, its all in the reason of reasons!
Reply:For shizzle my nizzle.